“I first found Sandi Smith on the QuickBooks ProAdvisor web page in 2010, my first tax season with my own firm. I bought her book, 5 Steps to Get More Clients, because I only had 5 and needed some and liked that it was written by a CPA. I got great information from the book that helped me define who I wanted to serve and my message and my practice grew.
I went on to hire Sandi for one on one coaching for a month before tax season in 2011. Within a week after implementing some simple guidance from her first call I was able to sign up a high 4 figure client that I had been trying to bring on for a while. She has also helped me clarify my staffing needs and hiring process, improve my time management, learn how to improve my marketing systems and much much more. Because of Sandi’s help I was able to triple my gross revenues from 2010-2011 and expect to do the same in 2012.
Sandi’s CPA and QuickBooks background, degree in neuroscience, and experience in the accounting field are a rare combination and makes her uniquely qualified to help accountants start and/or grow their business beyond what they think is possible. I highly recommend her. –Suzanne Conrad, Owner, Suzanne W. Conrad, CPA, www.suzanneconradcpa.com


“I joined Sandi Smith’s Accountant’$ Accelerator program about 1/2 way through. Since each session is recorded and downloadable (along with the materials), I really didn’t miss out. I have learned so much from the program and have received more value from the course than it cost me. Sandi understands accountants, how we’re made up, and the nature of our industry. She uses this understanding us to approach us in effective ways, enabling and guiding us to achieve greater success in areas that we are typically not comfortable in: sales, marketing, and pricing; developing our value in new ways. Each session, Sandi was very generous with specific, immediately useful information that I implemented to quickly affect change in my company. This program covers a very complete spectrum of what accountants need to start a new practice or to develop their existing one. I highly recommend the Accountant’$ Accelerator program. I’ll be referring back to this material for year to come.” –Jeff Cecchini, CEO, QBPros, Inc.www.qbpros.net


“Thanks so much for your 2011 Accountant Accelerator class. I learned so much that I immediately signed up for the 2012 class. My business presentation is much more professional after all of your advice and coaching – my website, my added newsletter, the way I present my product to my clients, and just my confidence in selling myself. Not only did you provide great content , you were accessible for questions, gave us homework to complete and actually critiqued it, and presented the class to us in a way that made it easy for us to choose “our personal way” to market. Your teaching skill are wonderful – you don’t tell us what to do – you help guide us into making our own decisions. When we have the choice of how to market our product – we are much more motivated to do the marketing. Thanks so much for provided us with all this great content.” –Cherri Rapp, Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Cherri Rapp and Associates, www.rapp-lcc.com


“Instead of moping around when my competitor poached another client, I took a different attitude. By focusing on client retention, we’ve made sales and saved a monthly residual that was making us approximately $2000 per month. I’ve become more focused on doing a better job with my clients rather than taking on everyone. I feel more organized and caught up and we’re earning more revenue.” –Carrie Kahn, ISP, Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Complete Business Solutions, www.complete-biz.com


“I implemented four ideas from Sandi’s Accountant’s Accelerator program: One brought a 23% increase in revenue over last year from my top 10 clients. The second increased overall revenue by 10%, the third idea helped me land a $2400 project, and the fourth one brought in a $3600 client.” –Cindy Hovig, Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Beyond Balanced Books, www.beyondbalancedbooks.com


“When I first heard Sandi mention “Offer packages to your clients”, I was a little skeptical. My first thought was “I’m going to lose my shirt that way. Doesn’t she know that the economy is bad?” :) Nevertheless, I decided to give it the “old college try” and began offering packages last month. Today, I signed up another new client for Quickbooks setup and training. During our phone conversation, I asked “How did you hear about us? What made you decide to choose our services?” She responded that I was the only one that offered packages with detailed explanations of the services provided. Everyone else responded with the traditional one sentence answer “I charge X dollars and hour”. This really made my day! In just a short time, I feel like I’ve gained so much momentum by following this program.
Alana Bryant, CPA, Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, SB Consulting LLC,www.sbconsultingcpa.com


“Your ideas and wording are very helpful. It is truly amazing how quickly you come up with such great wording. I really feel your program has been a great motivator for me and my practice.” –Cheryl J. McCarthy, E.A., Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, The Accounting Advisor, www.theaccountingadvisor.com



“Really getting a lot out of it and actually implementing some things!” –Pam Britz, Britz Financial Group, www.britzfinancial.com



“After listening to your materials I have increased my rates by 50% which has resulted in increased profit.” –Cindy Schroeder, Bright Bookkeeping, www.bright-bookkeeping.com

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